By |2023-12-17T02:51:41+00:00December 17, 2023|

SHAKE IV FACT SHEET Fecha: 23 de diciembre de 2023 Lugar: Bernarda Vallejos 1333, Vitacura Hora inicio: 9:00 Equipo confirmado (11): Andrés Hojman Emilio de Ioannes Felipe Trazar Ignacio Parot [...]


By |2023-09-16T02:12:35+00:00September 1, 2023|

BAXTER IN X-POINT: DECK MUSINGS AND TOURNAMENT REPORT By Thomas Sutherland I have been off webcam games for a while. Being active in the online tournament scene was easy during [...]

Lobstercon 2023 Report

By |2023-06-12T23:16:00+00:00June 12, 2023|

LOBSTERCON 2023   As some of you know, I am an Old School player living in Chile. Chile is the bottom of the world, so everything related to OS is [...]

Lobstercon 2022: A Report

By |2023-08-15T09:52:17+00:00June 10, 2022|

LOBSTERCON 2022: A REPORT By Andrés Hojman and Thomas Sutherland   Our Lobstercon story starts on a sunny summer day in December while sipping pisco sours on the terrace of [...]

Shaking up the NEOS Monthlies: Season 3 Recap

By |2022-08-13T18:15:27+00:00July 29, 2021|

Our friends at New England Old School run a season of monthly old school tournaments which cover the period between the Winter and Summer Derbies. They are extremely fun to [...]

My First Old School Magic Tournament: A Report

By |2022-07-29T16:39:32+00:00December 26, 2020|

Juan Reuter I’ve never been the collector type when it comes to cards. I regularly under-traded my collection to get a specific card I needed for the weekend. I would [...]

A History of Standstill

By |2022-09-12T15:30:42+00:00August 23, 2020|

Felipe Trazar Standstill is an absolute classic Magic the Gathering card. Today it’s a centerpiece in one of Premodern’s best decks; but it has had moments in Vintage, Legacy, Block [...]

Playing Magic With Your Kids

By |2022-09-12T14:50:01+00:00August 13, 2020|

Playing Magic With Your Kids Mario Zanolli This story begins one night in November of 2011, when my first daughter was born. After her, three more would come. Two girls [...]

Cheating, Dishonesty, and Old School Magic

By |2022-09-12T14:29:24+00:00July 1, 2020|

There has always been some level of cheating in Magic. David Williams was disqualified from the top 8 of Worlds 2001 in Toronto for having a playset of marked Accumulated [...]

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