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A History of Standstill

Standstill is an absolute classic Magic the Gathering card. Today it’s a centerpiece in one of Premodern’s best decks; but it has had moments in Vintage, Legacy, Block Constructed and Standard. In this article, I’ll attempt to take a look...

Playing Magic With Your Kids

This story begins one night in November of 2011, when my first daughter was born. After her, three more would come. Two girls and two boys. My good friend Jairo Gómez told me they were Zerglings. But this is a...

The Superclasico: An Old School Magic Report

If you’ve ever been to Buenos Aires, you might have noticed the contrast between the neighborhoods of La Boca and Belgrano. La Boca is a hectic, working-class neighborhood with colorful buildings, live street-tango performances, and small restaurants which are filled...

Shake #1 - Summer 2019

We finally had the chance to play the very first Earthquake League “Shake” last December in Chile. This post tells the story of how we came up with the idea, and also what happened in the tournament.