List of the Earthquake League contributors

José Luis Echeverría

José Luis is a Strategy consultant by choice and a Grixis mage by birth. He started playing Magic around Urza´s Legacy casually, but by Mercadian Masques he was already taking the game very seriously, almost too much. His competitive drive and never-stop-learning mentality helped him make some respectable finishes in Grand Prix (4xtop 8) and Pro Tours (1x 9th place) in the 2000s. The middle age crisis arrived soon for this male specimen and he is now trying to regain his love for the game by playing with expensive collectable items he could not afford in his youth. Old School works like an escape valve for his competitive drive, letting him enjoy the game just as when he started playing.

Camilo Fernández

Supreme boss in MTG Oasis, a store in Santiago, Chile. Like many he started playing at school, but in Innistrad RTR Standard he started playing competitive magic. His favorite format is Modern.

Nicolás Goles

Nicolás is a wine-geek, software engineer, and has also been known for playing the piano. He started playing magic in 1996 (age 11) and his first deck was a fourth edition starter (got a Serra Angel!). At an early age he managed to collect several pieces of Power that were sold for a pretty low price in the early 2000's. Back then, one could usually find him playing Vintage and casting rituals into Specters. He ended up becoming a limited addict and has had some deep runs at the Grand Prix Level. Currently acts as the West Coast P.O Box for Chileans ordering cards in the US and as the Earthquake's League IT Department.

Andrés Hojman

Andrés Hojman started playing magic around 1995, when Homelands was arriving to Chile. He won his first tournament using Specters and Hymns. He achieved top 4 in the Chilean Nationals five years between 1997 and 2004. Having studied economics, he's currently an academic in the Catholic University of Chile. Historical favorite decks that he piloted were Living Death, TradewindGeddon and Prison. In Old School he's joining the dark side: Learning the ways of The Deck.

Thomas Sutherland

Thomas took his first Magic steps in 1997 with a pair of Portal starter decks and a trusty Ebon Dragon. During his youth he perfected the art of the turn-three kill with his goblin deck in order to beat all those pesky Bargain and Replenish players. He took a short spellslinging hiatus from 2003 to 2016 to become a lawyer, work in project finance, and check out what the responsible adult life was all about. He has a team trios Grand Prix top 8 and is a Zanolli Invitational® champion. He scratches his competitive itch by playing Limited, Modern and Legacy; and kicks back by playing Old School and Premodern with his lifelong friends. He currently lives in Vienna, and is thinking of getting a pair of lederhosen in order to blend in.

Felipe Trazar

Felipe started playing at the end of 1999 with a preconstructed Mercadian Masques deck (called Rebels), his first sanctioned tournament what the Invasion Prerelease. He's always loved midrange decks and from time to time he's been seen playing control piles, according to him, he hasn't quite grasped the mathematics of playing Aggro. His favorite deck was Cawblade and in old school he's learning to pilot a Jund Midrange pile that features many of the cards that he has enjoyed during his time playing Magic. The rest of the time he works in a Software company.

Mario Zanolli

Started playing magic in the era of Tempest and his first match was played with Portal cards. Since then, he still waits for the opportunity to attend a Pro Tour to arrive (RIP). Replenish nostalgic, ophthalmologist, father of four potential players, land destruction addict and a dissident by nature. In Old School, he will happily use a Lotus in order to turn one "beta" stone rain his opponents.